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Owner FAQs

Answers to your common questions

Am I informed of the repairs made to my property?
We will ask you for a maintenance reserve of $500 to be used towards any maintenance or repairs needed for which the owner is responsible. For repairs estimated to exceed that amount, we require your approval. You will also be sent an email alert any time a repair ticket has been scheduled for your property.

Are you licensed?
Yes. MNM Property Management, LLC.’s managing member, Mehran Ebrahimi, is a licensed realtor with over a decade of experience.

Can I reach you after hours?
We provide a 24/7 emergency hotline for tenants and owners.  703-582-5110.

How do I know how much to expect from my rental property?
MNM will run comparative rental figures to advise you of the high and low rental rates in your area. Before marketing your property, we will also advise you on any upgrades or improvements you might consider to raise your property’s value. Then you decide how you will proceed.

How do you handle tenant placement?
MNM advertises your property in all the right places, responds promptly to inquiries, schedules showings, and runs full background checks on prospective tenants.

How much security deposit do you charge the tenant, and how is it handled?
The tenant is usually charge the equivalent of one month’s rent as a security deposit. All security deposits are placed in a separate escrow account by law, where they remain until the tenant moves out. Deposits minus any damages or other costs are refunded within 45 days of the end of tenancy.  

If I need to renovate or repair my property, will you handle that for me?
Yes, we will provide you with various estimates to allow you to choose what you want to do, and how much you want to spend. We will take it from there.

What type of reports do I get and how often?
You will receive monthly reports, as well as an annual 1099 for tax purposes. 

Who collects the rent?
MNM collects all rental payments, and deposits the money directly into your account or mails you a check.

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